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Param Pujya Shri Dayagiri Bapu belongs in the Goswami sect founded by Adya Guru Shankaracharya. He is a learned, respectable, virtuous and a very simple saint, who is an adept in singing praise of Load Shiva. He can enchant his disciples by singing the divine attributes of Lord Shiva in his melodious voice and simple language.

It is not an easy task to understand and explain the attributes of Lord Shiva. But he has achieved mastery in describing the attributes of Lord Shiva through his melodious voice. Maharaj shri has conducted such musical Navahn Paroyans in various countries. He has enchanted the audiences every where.

His personality is multifaceted. He is a reverend saint, who has many disciples. He has helped many saints, priests and yogis, also . But his focus is on poor people. He tries to kindle devotion in people’s hearts. He is a very compassionate saint. To sing the glory of Lord Shiva is the sole mission of his life. He is fully devoted to Lord Shiva. He is an humble and spiritual saint of Saurastra.

He was born on 7-5-1948 in a small town called Sur Nagar in Bhavnagar district. His father late Shri Yerangiri Bapu and his mother Shrimati Ambaben were also a pious couple. Right from the childhood, he was devoted to Lord Shiva. His faith was strengthened by worshiping Lord Shiva everyday. As a result, he chose to spread Sanatan Dharm by understaking relirious work. He has conducted more than 500 Shivkathas all over the world. He has enchanted many people throughout the world. He has strengthened their faith in Lord Shiva. Through his knowledge and melodious voice , and by the grace of Pinakpani, Lord Chandramauti Shiva. Maharajshri is an expert in narrating shivkatha. He has a natural gift of enchanting his audiences.

In Nov, 94 as a loving gesture towards the people of his caste , he organized a get to gather of Dashnaam Goswami Mahamandel at his native place Sur Nager. Here, he conducted Shiv Katha and performed Maharudra Yagya. A part from this, he also encouraged the construction of a high-school which is run by Shri Sardar Education trust. He had donated generously for this noble couse and also encouraged others to do the same.

He has also established a trust called ‘Shri Bhlenath Seva Sangathan’. Shri Kailash Ashram is being constructed at Bhavnagar under the supervision of this trust. In Dec. , 2000 Pratishtha Mahotsav of ‘Shri Sarvashwar Mahadev Shivalaye was Eye hospital was inaugurated in memory of his late father. On this occasion panch khand Pechadhishwar P.P.Shri Dharmendraji Maharaj was present and conveyed his blessings.

A school building , a hospital, annapurna Hall and a Goshala one yet to be constructed . In this way, donation money collected by conducting Shiv Katha are being utilized.

Shri Rajendragiri Goswami, son of Maharaj Shri, is looking after the administration of the trust. He has also a Kathakar saint and conducts Shivkatha. As well as Ramkatha. He has also conducted Katha in various countries.

Smt. Vidyaben Goswami is wife of Maharajshri. They have two sons and a daughter. Shri Jitendragiri is the elder son and shri Rajendragiri is the younger son. Smt. Vibhutiben is the daughter of Maharajshri. Names of both the daughters-in-law are Smt. Meenaben and Smt. Jyotiben. Omkargiri, Manangiri, Pushpadentgiri, Khushi and Rudri are grandchildren of Maharajshri. Mother of maharajshri lives with him. His father passed away and his body was given Jalsmadhi in holy river of Narmada.
Kailash Mansarovar

Various Social, Religious, Charity, Literary, Medication Activities are countinuosly undertaken at the "Shri Sarveshwar Mahadev Shivalaya" located in the Kailash Ashram on a regular basis. Here we have highlighted a few of our activities.

The major activies are:
  • Religious Activities

  • Literary Activities

  • Medication Activities

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