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Kailash Mansarovar
Yatra (A Report)

Billi Mahima
Shiv Stotra's
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Section Two: Rudrasahita (Part three — Parvathi kand)
  1. Himalaya's marraige description.

  2. The creation of Maina an the story of its curse.

  3. The worship of Goddess Jagadamba by the Deva's.

  4. The blessing and help to Deva's by Jagadamba.

  5. The blessings of Jagadamba to Maina.

  6. The birth of Parvathi.

  7. The childhood deeds of Pathvathji.

  8. The dialoges between Narad and Himalaya.

  9. The description of dreams and short description of character of Lord Shiva.

  10. The creation of Mangalgraha the Bhoum.

  11. The meeting and unification of Shiva and Himalaya.

  12. The dialoges between Shiva and Himalaya.

  13. The dialoges between Shiva and Parvathi regarding Sankya and Vedantha.

  14. The creation of Vajag and his tap (penance).

  15. The birth, penance and rajya (regiemen) of Tharakasur.

  16. The remedies to the sorrows of Deva's.

  17. The dialoge between Lord Indra and Kamdev.

  18. The wrong deeds of Kamdev.

  19. The distruction of Kamdev.

  20. Vadva nal Charittra.

  21. The advises to Parvathi by Narad.

  22. The enormous penance of Parvathi.

  23. The effects of the tap of Parvathi.

  24. The acceptance of Parvathi for marriage.

  25. The test for Parvathi.

  26. The test of Parvathi by Lord Shiva in the form of a Bhramachari.

  27. The tests of Lord Shiva on Parvathi.

  28. The appearance of Shiva in front of Parvathi.

  29. The dialoge between Shiv and Shiva.

  30. The visit of lord Shiva to Himalaya's place in the disguise of a beggar.

  31. The discription of the maya of Shiva.

  32. The visit of Sapthadevas's to Himalaya's place.

  33. The advise of Sapthadevas to Himalaya.

  34. The character of King Anaranya.

  35. The characters of Padma and Pipla.

  36. The decision of Sapthadeva's regarding the marriage of Parvathi.

  37. The preparation of marriage between Shiva and Parvathi.

  38. The description of the mandap (the site of marriage).

  39. The departure of Lord Shiva for marriage.

  40. The departure of Lord Shiva for marriage (cont).

  41. The arrival of Shiva at the gate of the city of Himalaya.

  42. The reception of Shiva and meeting between Deva's and Parvathi.

  43. The lila (deeds) of Shiva and the desire's (Moh) of Maina.

  44. The advises given by all to Maina and their difficulties in making her understand.

  45. The discription of the fantastic form of Shiva.

  46. The arrival of Shiva at Himalaya's place.

  47. The entry of Shiva in to Himalaya's house.

  48. The kanyadan of Himalaya to Shiva.

  49. The religious ritual of mangal phera of Shiva and Parvathi and desires (moh) of Bhrama.

  50. The insulting words of the Kshatriya's for Shiva.

  51. Re-creation of Kamdev as a result of the prayers of Rathidev.

  52. The dinner party at Himalaya's place.

  53. The preparation of Shiva's return journey to Kailash.

  54. The duties of pathivratha (righteous wife).

  55. The journey of Shiva and Parvathi to Kailash.

Shri Dayagiribapu

Param Pujya Shri Dayagiri Bapu belongs in the Goswami sect founded by Adya Guru Shankaracharya. He is a learned, respectable, virtuous and a very simple saint, who is an adept in singing praise of Load Shiva. He can enchant his disciples by singing the divine attributes of Lord Shiva in his melodious voice and simple language.

It is not an easy task to understand and explain the attributes of Lord Shiva. But he has achieved mastery in describing the attributes of Lord Shiva through his melodious voice. Maharaj shri has conducted such musical Navahn Paroyans in various countries. He has enchanted the audiences every where.
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