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Shri Dayagiribapu
Kailash Mansarovar
Yatra (A Report)

Billi Mahima
Shiv Stotra's
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Section Seven: Vavyaviya samhita (Part one — Purva bhag)
  1. The sayings of Vidya avathar.

  2. The proposals from the munis regarding the best man in the world.

  3. The best man is Parameshwar mahadev.

  4. The arrival of Vayu dev (god of wind) in Namisharanya.

  5. Explanation of Shiva thatva.

  6. Explanation of Shiva thatva(cont).

  7. The effects of kal.

  8. The calculation of kal and the life expectancy of the three deva gods.

  9. The protector and destroyer of nature.

  10. The description of the location and situation of the bramand (universe).

  11. The description of nature.

  12. The description of nature (cont).

  13. Creation of Bhrahma and Vishnu.

  14. The description of appearance of Rudra.

  15. The chanting of Shiva.

  16. The description of mahashakthi.

  17. The stories of nature.

  18. The departure of sati's soul from the body.

  19. The creation and origin of Veerbhadra.

  20. The destruction of Dhakshas chari (a religious sacrificial ceremony).

  21. A lesson to deva-dhaksha chari.

  22. The defeat of all deva's by Veerbhadra.

  23. The rush of deva's to the holy feet of Lord Shiva.

  24. The residing of Shiva on mandar parvath (a hill) and the stories of his deeds.

  25. Regarding devi Kali and devi Gauri.

  26. The salvation of Karvad and the greatness of feet of devi Gauri.

  27. Meeting of Gauri and Shiva.

  28. The description of bhasmathatva (the substance in holy ash).

  29. The substance of vani (speech) and artha.

  30. The questions related to Shiva thathva.

  31. Ripnupadesh.

  32. The description of shreshta anushtan (the worship).

  33. The description of pashupath vrath as said in atharvashiras Upanishad.

  34. The discripitiion of tap of Upamanyu.

  35. The characters of Upamanyu and Shiva's happiness towards him.

Section Seven: Vavyaviya samhita (Part two — Uthara bhag)
  1. The reason for putra prapthi for Shri Krishna.

  2. What is pashupathi gyan and why Shiva is pashupathi.

  3. The presence of Shiva in every thing.

  4. Gaurishankar vibhuthi yog.

  5. Pashupathi thathva rithi yog.

  6. Shivathatva description.

  7. Shivathatva description (cont).

  8. Incarnation of Vyas and shivathathva gyan.

  9. The yogavathar of Shiva.

  10. The description of devotion to Shiva.

  11. Shiva rithi varnan.

  12. Powers of pachakshar mantra.

  13. Powers of pachakshar mantra (cont).

  14. Panchaakshar mantra mahima.

  15. The dikshavidhan (the method of learning) and gurumahathamya (significance of a teacher).

  16. Silpa sanskar varnan (the practices regarding statue creation).

  17. Shiva diva vidhan.

  18. Six track shudhi related stories.

  19. Importance of sanskar and mantra.

  20. Extra sanskar.

  21. Daily religious rituals.

  22. Daily regular karma(deeds) vrna(description).

  23. Pooja vidhan (pooja methods).

  24. The shtrokthi poooja varnan (the methods given in shastra).

  25. Sanghopak pooja vidhi.

  26. Shiva shatroktha pooja vihdi.

  27. Agnikarya valan (related to fire).

  28. Naithik vidhi karma.

  29. Kamaya karma varna.

  30. Shiva bhakthas kamya karma varnan.

  31. Kamya karma varnan in heaven.

  32. Description of Shiva maha stotra.

  33. Linga pooja secrets.

  34. Disruption of moh of Lord Bhrama and Vishnu .

  35. Solution of moh of Bhrama and Vishnu.

  36. Prathishta vidhi description.

  37. Yog vidhi varnan.

  38. The obstacles in the path of young.

  39. The description of Shiva yagna.

  40. Naimaishavarnan vasi rishi muni's journey details.

  41. Importance of Shiva Mahapuarn.

Shri Dayagiribapu

Param Pujya Shri Dayagiri Bapu belongs in the Goswami sect founded by Adya Guru Shankaracharya. He is a learned, respectable, virtuous and a very simple saint, who is an adept in singing praise of Load Shiva. He can enchant his disciples by singing the divine attributes of Lord Shiva in his melodious voice and simple language.

It is not an easy task to understand and explain the attributes of Lord Shiva. But he has achieved mastery in describing the attributes of Lord Shiva through his melodious voice. Maharaj shri has conducted such musical Navahn Paroyans in various countries. He has enchanted the audiences every where.
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