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Rudraksha is auspicious liked by Lord Shiva. The sight, touch and recitation performed using Rudaksha beads destroy all sins.

Lord Shiva performed penanca for one thousand years. When he opened his eyes after one thousand years a few drops of tears fall down from his eyes. These drops of tears fall down in Mathura, Ayodhya, Shri Lanka, Malaysia, and a few other places. From these drops of tears, the Rudraksha trees originated. Rudraksha beads are of white, yellow and black colure. Seekers desirous of Salvation should wear these beads. Rudraksha beads of the size of an Amia Fruit are of the bost quality, that of the size of a berry are of medium quality and that o the size of a chickpea is of lowest quality. Big size, Rudraksha beads dissolves all the problems in life. Medium size beads bestow good luck and increase comfort and happiness. Tiniest Rudraksha beads are considered very powerful for wish fulfillment. Rudraksha rosary is the most powerful among all other rosaries.

Round in shape, moist, strong, big and thorny Rudraksha beads are the most auspicious, wish fulfilling, and giver of all the sensual pleasures as well as the ultimate Salvation. The beads which are infested by insects, broken, without any ridges, damaged and shapeless should be avoided. The beads which are naturally piereced are the best. A person who wears 1100 Rudraksha beads attains the state of a Rudra. 550, 360 , 108 , 55 , 9, 3 or 1 Rudraksha could be worn.

There are 14 types of Rudraksha One mukhi is the form of Lord Shiva Himself. It bestows all worldly comforts and spiritual accomplishments. Just by he signt of such Rudraksha, the sin of Brahmhatya is destroyed. By worshiping such Rudraksha immense wealth could be attained. All the troubles vanish and all the wishes are fulfilled.

Two mukhi: is the form of the ultimate God Mahadeva. It destroys the sin of Gohatya. It is also wish fulfilling.
Three Mukhi: is helpful in completing education successfully. All types of knowledge could be mastered by wearing this bead.
Four Mukhi: is the form of Lord Brahma. It destroys the sin of Manushya Hatya. The sight and touch of such Rudraksha give the reward of all the four types of Purusharth, which are Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Maksha.
Five Mukhi: is he form of Rudra called ‘Kaalagni’, who is very powerful, liberating and wish fulfilling.
Six Mukhi: is the form of Lord Kartikeya. By weering this on right hand, one can be free from the sin of Brahm Hatya.
Seven Mukhi: is known as kaam Dev. By wearing this Rudraksha ever a purper can become a rich man.
Eight Mukhi: is the form of vasu and Bhairav. By wearing this Rudraksha , one can live his full lifespan and attain salvation after death.
Nine Mukhi: is the form of Bhairav and Kapil muni. It’s deity is Maheshwari Durga. This Rudraksha can be ware on left hand with full devotion.
Ten Mukhi: is the form of Lord Vishnu. By wearing this Rudraksha all the wishes are fulfilled.
Eleven Mukhi: is the form of Rudra. One can attain all round success and victory by wearing this Rudrasha.
Twelve Mukhi: should be work in the hair. It gives energy of twelve sun.
Thriteen Mukhi: is the form of Vishw Dev. One can attin good luck and long life b wearing this Rudraksha.
Fourteen Mukhi: is the orm of Param Shiva. It should be work on the head. It destroys all the sins committed by the wearer.
Rudraksha Mala protects the wearer from Bhoot, Pret, Pishach, Dakini shakini and othe negative forms. The wearer is also protected from the harmful effects of bad mantras and attains blessings of deities like Shiva, Vishna, Devi, Ganpati, Surya etc.

Shiv Mahapuran Katha
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Shri Shiv Mahapuran Katha
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